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Creative content writing, marketing consultancy services and optimised content management

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Need a part time content writer, content manager or marketing communications strategist? 

I'm Jo. I've honed my craft over 20 years of experience in PR & marketing communications; working both agency and client-side. During that time, I've been a Group Account Director of a UK Top 10 PR agency, a VP of Marketing and led the marketing communications in businesses of all sizes, from successful start-ups to large enterprises with global remits. 

My marketing experience gives me a copywriting superpower: I appreciate the inherent value of beautifully written, high quality, engaging content and also understand that my content writing is there to serve a purpose –  to reach your target audience and drive clicks, conversions and conversations. My clients really appreciate the fact that I've sat where they do, commissioning content, looking for a freelance content marketing consultant or marketing communications services and I inherently know what it is that they are looking for and what my work needs to achieve. 


While I've dabbled with niches and certainly have some areas of expertise, I appreciate the fact that no two days of my writing and content management work are the same.  I'm a firm believer that when we stop learning, we stop growing, which is why I offer my services in a variety of areas. I write with some of the biggest (and smallest) in their fields and my dedication to getting the job done is the same regardless. (My years of working in technology also make me fairly fluent in engineer-speak and extracting and communicating benefits clearly). Work should be an enjoyable and pleasurable experience, with people you enjoy growing with, which is why I prefer to build ongoing relationships with my clients, who all inspire me in some way. 

I make it my business to power your business. 

I work in a way that works for you – whether that's on a per-project basis, an hourly rate or a monthly retainer. I can be an experienced head, to support you through a squeeze in your resources, a mainstay in your team or someone to drop in and handle your special projects. For content writers, UK and international content can sometimes have significant differences, so truly understanding how different markets work can be complex. Knowing the differences between UK content and international content can ne fundamental to success. That is where someone with global marketing expertise can make all the difference. (I do a lot of work in international markets and on localisation projects.) 

If you need a freelance copywriter, a freelance content marketing consultant or you think I could be a good fit for your marketing communications project, why not get in touch?  As well as working directly with companies, I also work with PR, SEO and content agencies to provide content and copywriting services. 

My copy and content services

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Copy & content writing services

Marketing communications services

Content management services

  • Campaign development

  • Content curation 

  • Content optimisation

  • Content management

  • Digital content strategy

  • Editorial services

Marketing services

  • Branding

  • Collateral development

  • Content marketing strategies

  • Digital marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Marketing planning

  • Marketing strategy

  • Media buying

  • PR campaigns


Jo is a natural communicator. She rapidly understands complex products and services from a business benefit perspective and develops powerful messaging. She remains unphased in fast moving high pressure environments and has the knack of focusing on areas that require attention.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jo. She understood the requirements of each subject and produced an outstanding set of articles, way ahead of schedule. We look forward to working with Jo in the future.

Great work from Jo, really pleased with it, she went the extra mile to create some really fantastic website articles for me. I'd highly recommend her!!

Jo was spot on with her article writing for me, I love her style and her professionalism. I will definitely use her again and I highly recommend her to others!

Having worked with Jo for a number of years, I have always been very impressed with her marketing acumen, her ability to translate complex technical issues into clear business messages, and effectively communicate them. Jo is knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and always a great pleasure to work with.

Hire a professional writer –

Get the high quality content you need

Whether you're an old hand, or well used to hiring content writers, choosing an experienced professional helps ensure that you get the high quality results that you need. 

Looking for a content writer?
Let's talk.

I'm based in Brighton, England, but work with copy and content writing clients worldwide. 

If you're looking for a content writer or marketing support services, why not get in touch, tell me a little about your project and we can arrange a conversation to discuss your requirements?

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