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Blog content writing services

Blog content writing services

Anyone can master blog writing, right?

Sure! The great thing about the internet is that if you have something to say, you can put it in a blog and share it with the world. But after a little while, it can become challenging to think of new things to write about and different ideas to cover with your blog writing, or to find new opinions to share. That's why so many blogs start out strong and then fall off a cliff when it becomes more difficult. 

It can be even more complicated if your blog is a tool to monetise a product or service. 

Creating blog content that drives sales, without sounding like a blatant sales pitch can be a challenge. You may have to temper some ideas to engage with a wider audience, or talk about subjects you know less well. As with most things, striking a balance is essential, which is the perfect time to bring in a blog content writing service. Professional blog content writers are able to produce series of content or single blogs to help out when you're short on time, resources or inspiration. 

Great blog content can help you win more customers.

If you've simply been relying on your main website for optimising your SEO and generating business leads, you're potentially missing a trick. A blog is a great place to build your brand by adding personality and a human element, even if you're a B2B business. It doesn't have to be as formal as the rest of your website and can be a great way to get visitors to feel more connected, or to share tips, ideas and opinions that fall outside the parameters of your website content writing. It's also a great way to ensure that search engines recognise that your website is being regularly updated. 

Promoting blog content is essential

Make sure you share your content to engage new readers. You could consider giving away a booklet, a free guide or sharing valuable hacks, tips and tricks through your blog, to ensure people come to see your blog as a valuable source of information. And make sure that you're sharing your blog content through all your social media channels too. If you're not sure where your blog content fits in your marketing mix, my content marketing services can help you make sense of things and deliver a strategic content marketing plan that gets results. 

Do I need a blog?

It's a proven fact that companies that blog enjoy greater sales and more website visitors. Blogging is also a great tool for SEO and increasing your website's visibility, as it tells Google and other search engines that you care about delivering fresh, unique blog content. It also allows you to rank in SEO for search terms outside the ones used on your main website. 

What is B2B blogging?  

Business blogging is slightly different to blog writing for a consumer audience, but it also offers greater possibilities too. If you run a B2B blog, it's a great place to have different people in your organisation contribute, or to showcase different facets of your business, discuss the initiatives you support, or run a series of educational blog posts on topical content. If you're recruiting, it can be a resource that candidates visit, so it's an opportunity to show them what it's like to work for your company.

Do you offer blog content writing packages? 

Yes, of course. I offer standalone blog  writing services and blog content writing packages, if you're looking to run a series of posts as part of your content marketing programme. It's ideal to ensure that you regularly post blog content – at least one new post per month, but potentially more, depending on the nature of your business. 

Which platform should I use for blogging? 

If your website is hosted on a platform like WordPress, Wix or Squarespace, it's a simple matter of adding a plugin to your site to run your blog. They come with a range of templates that are suitable for non-technical people to master easily. Otherwise, there are a number of standalone blogging platforms (like Blogger) that you can link to your website. Get in touch and we can figure out the best blogging solution for your business. 

What kind of businesses do you offer blog content writing services to?

I offer blog writing services for all manner of businesses of all sizes, from large B2B companies to small businesses in the B2C space. You can read more about the many kinds of businesses I write for here

Do you offer other content writing services too?

Absolutely! Find out more about the types of freelance and part-time content writing services I offer to clients here in the UK and internationally by taking a look at my content writing services page. I also offer content management services and I'm also a wider freelance marketing services provider too. 

Looking for blog content writing services?
Let's talk. 

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