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B2B writing

I've spent (almost) my whole career B2B writing

From decades of experience through both in-house and agency PR and marketing roles, I'm accomplished at B2B writing. 
From corporate communications to technology, my skills cover the following:

B2B technology writing services

You can have the best content in the world, but explaining what it does, how it works and the benefits that it can bring isn't always easy. There can often be a disparity between how the best engineering minds work, and translating that brilliance into clear, concise and engaging content.

It's easy to assume (incorrectly) that a target audience has a base level of technical understanding, which fails to consider that other stakeholders are often involved in decision-making processes. That's why high-quality B2B content writing services are often best outsourced to an expert.

My experience in this field has seen me write about everything from mobile network technology, to AI content writing, and writing about technologies such as SAS environments and data strategies and IT support services.

SaaS content writer

So much of the world's business could be considered SaaS these days, but SaaS encompasses everything from apps on a phone, to technology optimisation, home blood testing, salon management software... the list goes on. 

In much the same way, B2B content writing can cover a myriad of target audiences, from small business owners to enterprise clients. All need their own approach and tone of voice to resonate with them. 

I've written for all the above and more. As an experienced freelance SaaS writer, I can help create anything from my business blog writing service, to case studies and website content writing services

Housing, construction, design and engineering writing

From housing associations to self-builds, it's a personal accomplishment that my love of Grand Designs can be used to write about housebuilding, renovation, construction and engineering.  

I also write about warehousing, warehouse design, build and construction and health and safety, including a regular series of blog posts for an industry association and for a leading manufacturer of high-quality shelving, pallet racking and more. 

Renewable energy content writer

Building a sustainable future is something that should concern us all. I have a client working in net zero energy connectivity, who retained me for my website content writing services – together we developed a series of key messages and a new tone of voice, then I created all their website content (copy), before being asked to get involved and help with the website build, briefing the developers on design, page structure, look and feel and more. We now add monthly blog posts on environmental current affairs, to keep content fresh and visitors engaged. 

It's often how my larger projects start out – I'm hired as a B2B content writer, then I'm asked to get involved by sharing my experience to deliver other marketing services.

Customer loyalty, acquisition and retention writer

Customer experience is king. It's a mantra that everyone knows, but is often said. Actually doing something unique to keep customers returning is another matter entirely. 

A lot of my work in this space is B2B2C writing services. From SaaS that helps engage customers, plan and track their journeys and reward their loyalty, there are a number of ways that companies help their customers develop loyal and engaged audiences. It's a fascinating niche that sends my marketing synapses firing on all cylinders. 

Consultancy services writer​

I've worked with large organisations that offer consultation for business improvements, benchmarking, testing and approvals, to independent consultants who offer specialist services to other B2B businesses. 
My work leading a marketing organisation that sold professional services in 17 countries makes me a savvy consultancy services writer with the intuitive insight to draw out your business's USPs and write about them in a way that resonates with your customers. 

Let's talk

From press releases to white papers and blog posts to case studies, my experience ensures I rapidly get to grips with the most complex of subject matters and understand from a marketer's perspective the key messages that will engage your client base.

I've also been writing web content since the internet was in its infancy, so my website writing services are tried, tested and fully proven, using current best practices and SEO optimisation.

Get in touch, tell me about your business and I'll send you some relevant examples of my work. 

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