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Health copywriter

Having spent over 12 months as head of content management for one of the UK's biggest alternative doctor-led health sites, I've also worked for a wide range of clients as a health and wellness copywriter. 

From case studies and blog posts, to full websites and cited, research-backed articles, I'm a health copywriter with a surprising depth of knowledge and a whole lot of passion. 


Wellness copywriting 

If you read more about my story, you'll see I am a former salon owner. Health and beauty go hand in hand. In the same way that I care about the quality of ingredients in skincare and the cause and effects that they have, I care equally about the nutritional value of what we eat and how our food is grown and produced.


I try to live my own life mindfully (one of the reasons I left my marketing communications career was to protect my mental health and reduce my adrenal stress in favour of doing something that brings me joy) – as a health and wellness freelance writer I'm serving my self as well as my clients. I choose to work with clients who engage and inspire me and are a pleasure to work with – I feel strongly that kindness and integrity in business are mutually rewarding values that can help empower and drive businesses from their core. 

Functional medicine copywriter


I grew up in a home where I was encouraged to love my veggies and living in a village, we ate fresh from the farm most of the time. 'You are what you eat' is a mantra I grew up with.


I've always cared about what I eat and the provenance of where my food has come from. I was striving to eat organic food when I can since before it was fashionable and am a firm fan of my daily MCT oil and collagen coffee to nourish and fortify my gut health. 


Working with a leading UK functional medicine practitioner as her head of content was a confirmation of everything that I've always intuitively known. We are able to keep ourselves fit and healthy when we take care of every aspect of our health, from eating the right foods, to taking a moment to stop and breathe and keep our bodies moving and our minds nourished.


I didn't know that it was called functional medicine – it was simply something that I intuitively knew to do.

Health and wellness copywriter

Writing alongside a former NHS doctor turned functional medicine expert, I've produced everything from website copy, courses, nutritional cook books, chiropractic back care guides and also written for a number of food brands that support a healthy lifestyle. 

I'm an avid researcher and able to deliver fully cited and scientifically-backed content that is medically accurate and yet conveys complex health challenges in a way that is easy to understand for regular people who are looking to overcome their own health and wellness challenges and make the changes that matter the most. 


Healthcare technical writer

I've written about everything from health software to helping build one of the most comprehenvive doctor-led reousrces for alternative health. I also worked on a home blood test app and service where people can identify key biomarkers, to map their health progress and biohack their health.


I care about delivering high-quality, engaging and of course, factually accurate wellness copywriting services for my clients. 


Wellness copywriter services

Learn more about the wide range of health and wellness freelance writer services that I offer here, or contact me for more information and a no-obligation conversation.

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