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Brochure content writing services

Brochure copywriting

Got a product or service to sell?

Whether used online or in print, brochures are a great sales tool to showcase your products and services. They are ideal if you attend trade shows, or you have a sales team on the road who need to leave something with their customers to review and remind them of the meeting discussions. A high-quality brochure can act as an effective tool to position your company. 

Brochure copywriting comes with its own challenges. 

You need to carefully consider the brochure format you'd like to use – a standard single sheet (don't forget that UK and US paper sizes are different). Perhaps you'll choose a gatefold or a concertina style? The format can play a big part in how much text you can comfortably fit on your page. This understanding requires a skillset that an experienced marketer can help with, as it can be so much more than simply putting words on a page. If you know the design that you'd like and a team who can lay the brochure out for you, I can work with that to ensure your content works with it. I can also help you with advice on formatting and even brief your designer to deliver a perfectly laid out finished product, complete with copy, images, diagrams, bullet points and key information all showcased at their best. I can advise on suggested paper weights and print finishes and even help with finding a designer to deliver print-ready artwork. 

 Whatever your requirements, you can get in touch for a free quotation. 

Don't leave opportunity on the table. (Just leave them your brochure.)


Make sure that your brochure copywriting is delivered in a tone that works for your audience and has a clear call to action. A great brochure content writer will ensure that it's written in a way that captures attention, overcomes barriers and objections and uses best practice marketing techniques to ensure that the end product truly resonates with your customer base. 

Trust an experienced marketer with the content writing for your brochure

I can help you to create brochure content that not only showcases your products or services perfectly, but ensure that when it goes to print (digitally or on paper) that there are no clumsy orphan words on the page, or strange formatting issues once everything is laid out. Those little things can really matter. I've written brochure content for over 20 years for markets around the world.


Relax. It's in safe hands. 

What kind of businesses do you offer brochure copywriting for?

I offer brochure copywriting services for all kinds of businesses, from B2B, SaaS, beauty, health, green energy and much more. You can read more about the many kinds of businesses I write for here

Do you offer other content writing services too?

Absolutely! Find out more about the types of freelance and part-time content writing services I offer to clients here in the UK and internationally by taking a look at my content writing services​ page. I also offer content management services and I'm also a wider freelance marketing services provider too. 

Need brochure content writing services?
Let's talk. 

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