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Need a white paper writer?

White paper writing services

Writing white papers can be time consuming

A good white paper takes time, which is often hard to find if you're not working in a copywriting role. They require considerable amounts of research from a variety of sources to create solid, substantiated content. You may need to interview people, run surveys, take polls and disseminate a large volume of data from different stakeholders. 

A good white paper needs logic to clearly explain logic, rationale and clearly communicate its objectives.  

White papers should never be a direct sales pitch. Instead. they are a way to showcase your expertise and knowledge and idneifty and discuss key industry issues and challenges. Of course, then discussing why and how your product or service addresses those challenges is critical, but a fine balance needs to be struck. This is why including third-party research, citations and quotes are vital, to ensure that your content is credible. 

White papers need to be on a subject that people are interested to read about.

Nobody has time to read anymore (we are all gravitating to preferring smaller, more digestible content). So a white paper needs to be clear and interesting to read, with a clearly defined précis/TLDR and clear conclusion, all laid out in a way that is simple to follow. A good white paper will enable readers to easily find and identify the information that is important to them.


White papers are a great lead magnet.

Creating a downloadable white paper library is a great way to capture customer data and generate leads. They are also used in business development, to help showcase expertise and knowledge to prospective customers. If your white paper creates interesting findings, they can be made into a press release to share with a wider audience. 


If you're not sure where white papers fit in your marketing mix, my content marketing services can help you make sense of things and deliver a strategic content marketing plan that gets results. 

Do I need a white paper?

White papers serve a number of purposes in content marketing. They are ideal for positioning you or your company as subject matter experts, and as a vehicle to demonstrate your experience, or show how you approach a particular industry challenge (or simply prove how and why that challenge exists). They can help substantiate your company's USPs and if they deliver interesting and useful facts, can be a great tool for generating media (and customer) interest.  

What makes a good white paper writer?  

I first started writing white papers for clients when I worked in PR, then I wrote more (many of which were extremely technical in nature) when I was an in-house marketer. Writing white papers requires a completely different mindset from more generic content writing. (I enjoy the diversity of my work, but have a personal preference for longer form content of this nature). It requires a degree of immersion that can be hard to achieve if you're attempting to do it yourself, when there are other distractions to attend to. I also offer white paper editing services to my clients, or can help guide them to produce the basic content, before I refine and polish it. 

What white paper writing services do you offer?

I can help you identify topics for white papers and either help you draft them in-house, before offering my editing services to get them media ready, or I can take the whole process on for you.  We can develop a series of white papers as part of a wider content marketing programme too. 

What kind of businesses do you offer blog content writing services to?

I offer white paper writing services for all manner of businesses of all sizes, from large B2B companies to small businesses in the B2C space. You can read more about the many kinds of businesses I write for here

Do you offer other content writing services too?

Absolutely! Find out more about the types of freelance and part-time content writing services I offer to clients here in the UK and internationally by taking a look at my content writing services​ page. I also offer content management services and I'm also a wider freelance marketing services provider too. 

Looking for white paper writing services?
Let's talk. 

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