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My areas of expertise


One rule: Copywriting should never be boring. 

I love the variety in the work my clients have me do. Engaging, quality content is hard to come by, so finding someone who can write about your product or service with authority, insight and expertise isn't always easy. It's often a false economy to use a content mill or less experienced content writer to create articles – they can miss the key questions to ask, lack the insight or fail to understand the unique angle that makes your content really engage with your readers and builds your authority and subject matter expertise. You don't just need to keep up – you need to stand out. 

You can have the most cutting-edge technology in the world, or the most transformative service, but unless people understand what it is, how it works and the benefits it can bring them, it's always going to be a really tough sell. I take complex subjects and make them easily understood, with a storytelling narrative that shows your customers everything that you can do for them. 

The reality is that as an experienced copywriter and content marketer, I find whatever my clients throw at me is pretty easy to handle. There's only a limited amount of factors that I need to understand to 'get it' – a strong client brief and asking the right questions can handle that. Think about it: writing great content is about conveying benefits, features and key messages to your audience; it's not about knowing the technology or detailed ins and outs of something, it's about extracting the value from those things and turning them into benefits and messages that your customers can understand. Of course, it helps massively that I've spent years asking the right questions to get to those messages easily and my experience means disseminating that information into benefits, USPs and key messages is relatively straightforward. It's how I'm able to write about AI, concrete, or whatever else it is that my clients need from me.  

Below are some of my most commonly requested areas to write in, but these aren't the only areas that I write content for – if yours isn't on the list, just ask! I also offer professional copy editing services.

I'm more than happy to share examples of my work in any of these niches – just drop me a line and let's talk! 

Topics I write about:

Food & nutrition

From food manufacturing and dietary supplements, to contributing to and editing a 50,000-word healthy eating book, I love writing about food and ingredients.


(I'm a keen home cook and know my Thermomix from my turmeric).

From consumer apps to enterprise technology, SaaS has transformed the business landscape and how we all work and live. It's an exciting and innovative space to be a content writer in. 

I love that we are moving towards a sustainable future. The possibilities for alternative energy are hugely relevant right now and an exiciting space to work as a freelance content writer in. 

My curiosity about how health and medical technology can transform how we live (and look) sees me writing for salon medical device technology, aesthetics clinics and the latest treatments. 

I've worked as head of content for a doctor-led health website, writing fully referenced and cited articles about everything from common medical and mental health conditions and their treatments, to alternative approaches, such as functional medicine, supplements, chiropractic and ho'oponopo. 

My inner nerd is constantly excited by the possibilities that technology enables. From software to AI, I write and manage a wide variety of B2B content for ambitious startups and enterprise clients. 

Retail, warehousing & logistics

From global eCommerce and localised direct-to-consumer (DTC) services, to warehousing, storage, and logistics; recent world events and the current climate means that there are numerous challenges to write about and provide a voice of authority on. 

I have considerable in-house marketing experience in promoting professional services and help individuals, consultancies and collectives to convert the benefits of their services to clients worldwide, in a number of industries. 

I'm an experiened freelance beauty content writer and skincare copywriter (find out why). I've written about everything from on-pack skincare labelling, to beauty tips, skincare innovations, aesthetic technologies, salon software and more.  


The customer experience is increasingly important to brand differentiation. I write both B2B and B2C content for my loyalty technology clients. 

From solid wall construction methods, to social housing initiatives, construction and housing are undergoing a rapid and exciting transformation. There's no shortage of things to say!

I've written for a number of medical technology companies, including home blood testing and diagnostics, fitness guides, and workout gear. 

B2C content writing clients:

Writewordsforme B2C content writing clients

B2B2C content writing clients:

Writewordsforme B2B2C content writing clients

B2B content writing clients:

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Need a content writing expert?
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...So what don't you write about?

There are some areas where I know my own limitations and that I'm simply not going to be the best person for your job – after all, I have to give other copy and content writers a look in too! 

I don't write about the following things: 


  • Accountancy & taxation 

  • Legal stuff

  • Banking and finance (although the technology in this space is something I'd cover)

  • Investing, crypto and blockchain

  • Film & TV

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