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More about me

Sometimes, people want to know more... so here it is

I like football, formula one and cats

... Although not necessarily in that order.  

I'm not one of those content writers who is all about shameless self-promotion. Not because I can't see the upside – for some people it's ideal, but here's the thing. I'm an introvert. (That doesn't mean I don't have social skills – I wouldn't have got where I am without them and I'm not afraid to speak up for myself). 


I love nothing more than helping my clients shine and putting them front and centre. I rarely use social media myself – not because I 'don't get it' or can't do it, but because I'm not driven to share my life with the world.  


I quietly mentor the occasional person who is hoping to become a freelance writer themselves; I contribute when I have something to say on freelance writing websites and in freelance writer groups. I suspect that many of the freelance writers who charge people to learn their knowledge and flog their courses relentlessly on the socials probably have more time on their hands than they would like to admit (and not enough clients). 


You may occasionally find me online (under a pseudonym, naturally) discussing Aston Villa or the F1. I volunteer for a local cat rescue, helping reunite lost pets with their owners and I love to cook and travel. Our two cats are called Lily (the cutie in the picture) and Piglet and are rescue cats from Romania. (We always adopt the ones with special needs.) If we meet over Zoom, you'll probably get to meet them too. 

I'm on a one-woman crusade to abolish the use of random capital letters (proper nouns only), I'm also a bit of a beauty junkie (I'm trying to control my habit) and I wobble around and call it yoga sometimes too. 

But that's more than enough about me. Let's talk about you. 

Get in touch 

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