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Copy editing

Copy editing services

It's all in the detail.

Copy editing services are a key part of my work. A keen eye for detail is essential. You need error-free content with the correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting. (Did you know for example, that many old-school media still expect the body copy of a press release to have at least 1.5 line spacing?) 


Presenting your work with errors in the copy looks unprofessional, particularly if your work is about entrusting other businesses with their brand reputation. What does it say if you can't even get yours correct? 

Professional copy editing services ensure that your content is showcased at its very best and help to protect your brand's reputation. A second pair of eyes to appraise your work can make a huge difference. 

You can have your own style, structure and vernacular, but it needs to be consistent.  

These days, particularly in B2C content writing, it's common to use slang, text-speak and more of a spoken language dialogue. It can be used very successfully to engage with younger audiences who feel like they are being spoken to directly. But a careful balance needs to be struck to ensure you're not alienating others (particularly if you're using terms that may be common in your country, yet unheard of outside of it).


However you wish to communicate with your customers, it needs to be clear, consistent and correct.  

Words, not waffle.

It's important to be concise when you're trying to engage with audiences. So often, novice writers want to mention it all, but often, that defeats the point. You need to ensure you say enough for your customer to take action, not walk away without doing anything to engage with you. I see it frequently in-house too. Often, one piece of written content shouldn't be all things to all people. Knowing what to say and who to say it to can be part of the editor's role, to ensure your key messages shine through. 

Grammar tools can be unreliable.

You may feel that with the advent of tools like spellcheck and plugins like Grammarly, you've got things covered. While they can be helpful tools for spotting obvious errors, most professional content writers agree: They aren't always correct. That's why a real person with professional copy editing services can make all the difference. 

Accurate citations.

If you're referencing third-party work in your writing, there are a number of different ways to ensure your referencing is correct and doesn't distract your reader. We'll identify the one that works for you and ensure your referencing is correctly formatted throughout. 

Professional copy editing 


Whether it's a bulk service to review content or you have an important document or piece of marketing collateral that you can't afford to be wrong, a professional copy editing service can help. Get in touch to discuss your project.  

Rewriting content  


One way to easily update your content is to take what you've already written and give it a fresh spin. My content editing services can help you do just that. Why reinvent the wheel if you have a wealth of relevant content that's just waiting to shine?

Local language conversion


My site is in British English because, despite having a number of US clients, I'm based here in Brighton, England. If you're British, Americanised ('Americanized') content hits differently. If you're trying to demonstrate to British customers that you're active and understanding of their local market, US English isn't going to cut it (and vice versa). It's not just the words that are different – there are a number of variances in the words and grammar that are used. I work with my clients to ensure their localised content is on point and hits the mark for them. And that's before we even mention the joys of the Oxford comma. 


It's not just the US/UK variants. I work with companies who have acquired businesses overseas and need their content converted and the messaging shifting so that it resonates in their local markets. While it's easy to assume that all European countries respond to the same things, it's simply not the case. I've led marketing in over 20 countries worldwide, so I understand the fundamental differences.

Writing style guide

If you don't already have one, it can be useful to develop a style guide to clearly explain the differences when speaking to different markets, even if you're all speaking the 'same' language. One of the professional copy editing services that I offer is to help you create one, to ensure your words and messaging are consistently implemented every time. 

Do you offer other content writing services too?

Absolutely! Find out more about the types of freelance and part-time content writing services I offer to clients here in the UK and internationally by taking a look at my content writing services​ page. I also offer content management services and I'm also a wider freelance marketing services provider too. 

Need copyediting services?
Let's talk. 

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