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Press release writing services

PR writing services

Got a story to share?

Whether you're new to media relations, or you're a PR agency looking for additional professional content writing services, who better to turn to than someone who built their career at one of the UK's top 10 PR agencies? I can craft you a well-written press release and if you don't have a media distribution strategy in place, I can help advise you on how to get the word out there and optimise your media takeup.

Press release stories can come from all kinds of places.

Perhaps you're attending or running an event, have a new product or service to promote, a charity venture you're supporting or a position on a trending current event; why not write a press release to share with the world? 

The media have certain expectations of what a press release should be.

There's a certain flow and information that editors consider vital to choosing to run your story. Knowing the secret sauce that gives them what they need can make a massive impact on the success of your press release. 

A press release isn't just for the media.

You can share press releases on your website, in a specific media section that you can grow into a valuable media resource (it's great for SEO too) and there are a number of free online services where you can share your news with the world. 

Press releases build customer confidence.

Seeing your news in trusted media is a powerful third-party endorsement that your clients will take notice of. It shows them that you've publicly committed to delivering on your words. Press releases are a vital part of the marketing mix to build your brand and increase awareness. Sharing news regularly is even better and can help you build relationships with the press that can lead to bigger opportunities to comment or contribute to feature articles, opinion pieces and more. 

PR writing services for opinion pieces, company profiles, and media quotes. 


I also offer clients wider PR writing services to help develop and deliver media messages and craft opinion pieces, feature articles, advertorials and more. Just get in touch and let's discuss what it is that you need. I also offer monthly or quarterly press release writing services. 

Don't forget to share your press release on social media. 

Whether it's LinkedIn or Tik Tok, be sure to share your news and maximise the ROI on your press releases. Don't leave added value sitting on the table! 

PR writing services (agency)

I also work with PR agencies, providing additional content writing support to help them achieve their goals. You need to hand it over and know that the written content you'll get back is fully PR ready, so you can focus on media and client relations.  

Planning a  PR & media outreach campaign? 


Get in touch. I've had content placed in most major broadsheets, including the Wall Street Times, the FT and more during my agency time. I can help you plan and draft a PR writing campaign that will make your target media sit up and take notice. 

Hire a press release writer with in-built marketing skills

Having spent many years running global marketing teams, I know the tools that work and can show you how to get the most from your content marketing activities, including PR and media relations and how to grow your business through strategic marketing. 

What kind of businesses do you offer press release writing services to?

I write a wide variety of content for all kinds of businesses, from B2B, SaaS, beauty, health, green energy and much more. You can read more about the many kinds of businesses I write for here

Do you offer other content writing services too?

Absolutely! Find out more about the types of freelance and part-time content writing services I offer to clients here in the UK and internationally by taking a look at my content writing services​ page. I also offer content management services and I'm also a wider freelance marketing services provider too. 

Looking for a press release writer?
Let's talk. 

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