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Why am I the right freelance content writer for you?

Why did I become a freelance content writer?

I grew up loving language. As a child, I devoured literature and loved to write creatively. I took that into a marketing career – the hook for me being that I'd get paid to write and do the one thing that I knew I was really good at. 
My career has seen me work my way up, through starting out in publishing, before moving to in-house marketing roles, and working in senior roles agency side too. I've sat where my clients sit; commissioning freelance copywriters to produce content, while juggling 10,000 other things simultaneously. I know that when you hire a writer who makes your life easier by producing quality content, what a joy and relief it can be.

After reaching CMO level (and a life with all the perks that came with it) I had lost sight of the bit about marketing that makes me truly happy – the content writing. Despite doing my MA in creative writing in my thirties, it still wasn't enough. I still had that itch. I needed to get back to copywriting and content creation. 
I'm an intuitive marketer – I always have been and I always will be. That isn't to say that technology, data, metrics and strategies aren't important valuable tools – they are. When you combine the two, it can result in some truly amazing results. In the same way, my combined skills of marketing and content creation work together to deliver exceptional content.

Best practice content solutions 

I want to build long-term, ongoing relationships with my freelance writing and marketing clients. That means clear communication, agreed goals and defined plans of action. 'Best practice' for me means understanding the objectives of why we're doing the work. What does my copywriting need to achieve? Clicks? Conversions? There should always be a clear call to action.


For more complex marketing strategy projects, it's knowing the end goal and understanding how we can get there – those are the ideas that a regular copywriter isn't necessarily going to be able to provide. It's about knowing how SEO copywriting really works and producing quality deliverables that people want to read and feel they have benefitted from – not just a set number of words on a page. For some of my clients, it's about helping them to develop a content strategy, or develop new messaging – my marketing experience means that I have skills that extend what I can offer my clients. 

Best practice is about collaboration; working together toward a shared goal and finding the most effective way of getting there. It's about researching, fact-checking, accuracy and eloquence. 

But most of all, it's about coming up with a story that people are excited to read and being the kind of person that people want to collaborate with. 

Discover what a high quality freelance content writer can do for your business

From press releases to white papers, my content writing and wider marketing experience ensure I rapidly get to grips with the most complex of subject matters and understand from a marketer's perspective the key messages that will resonate with your client base.

You can see what my clients have to say about me on my homepage.

If you're looking for a content writer or marketing support, get in touch, tell me about your business and I'll send you some relevant examples of my work. 

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