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Quality content writing services

You need it. I can write it. 

As one of the UK's most experienced content writers, words (thankfully) come easy to me. My work is about telling a story that people want to read. (My MA in creative writing really comes in handy).

Your story can be a press release, blog post or a white paper. Perhaps you need my website writing services, or you're looking for a quality content writing services to deliver against multiple touchpoints. Regardless, the story we tell your customers must be carefully crafted, with a structure and key messages that flow beautifully, with a compelling call to action. All must be eloquently written, with correct spelling and grammar. Anything less looks unprofessional. Word counts are useful and have a place, but telling the story as it needs to be told shouldn't be compromised. No filler; no fluff – just the words that matter.

Evergreen, high-quality written content needs to be thoroughly researched, planned (I still use pen and paper) and then worked and reworked, before being proofread and optimised for SEO. It's far more than putting some words on the page in the right order. 

I've been doing this for over 20 years, making me one of the most experienced content writers in the UK. I know my active voice, from my passive. My features from my benefits. My hyphens from my en dashes. My experience means I know how to project manage my workload – I've never missed a deadline yet. And importantly – I'm not afraid to ask difficult questions to get the job done.


My job is to make your job easier. 

My content writing services include: 

Long or short-form blog posts are a great way to develop evergreen content that will keep customers returning to your website. Ideal for thought leadership and positioning, they can also be utilised with social media to build cross-page traffic links and boost SEO.

Whether it's a single blog post, or a series, I can help you develop compelling, readable and engaging content. 

Have you got a feature article for a publication agreed with an editor, but don't quite know where to begin when drafting it?


My time at a top UK PR agency saw me write high quality ghostwritten editorial content, including opinion pieces and Q&As for my clients that have been published in major broadsheets and trade media.

For when you really need to get into the nitty-gritty of how something works, align yourself with an industry hot topic, or share and discuss the latest research.


White papers demonstrate to your customers that you are experts on the subjects that matter to them, but they demand an experienced content writer's attention to detail, for high quality results.

Email & newsletter writer 

Wherever your customers are on their journey, keeping in touch is important. You may need to create a sales funnel or automated journey to qualify your customers, send a regular newsletter to keep in touch, or send regular updates to tell them what's new.  I've worked with many of the most popular email tools, including Hubspot and Mailchimp. 


Ebooks and guides

Whether it's a high quality, high perceived value sales conversion tool, a standalone offering or an added extra, ebooks and guides can take the time that you or your content writing team simply don't have. My editorial experience means I can help with pagination, layouts and of course, readable, engaging copy. 

Marketing collateral

Event banner copy, packaging labels and on-pack instructions, notes for editors, internal marketing communications, event schedules... someone has to write them.

Make sure that none of yours miss a beat. 

Whether you're starting fresh with a blank page, or you're looking for a few new pages for your existing website, someone who is experienced at creating websites can help you get it done.


We'll begin by looking at key messages, tone, and layout, your target audience's needs and then get to work developing engaging website content that delights and informs your readers with SEO-friendly content. 

Sales brochure & marketing collateral writer

Whether you're selling B2B or B2C (or even B2B2C), customers appreciate having something tangible to look at, from in-pack leaflets, to heavyweight, detail-rich brochures.


Presenting your product or service in a way that tells a story, gives your reader the information that they need and keeps them engaged can help close the sale, or upsell to existing customers. 

Case studies bring valuable third-party endorsement and give your customers real-world scenarios of your product or service in practice. 


Case studies are a great opportunity to show your customers how others have benefitted from what it is that you offer. 

Case studies are some of the most valuable marketing assets you can have.

Keeping your target media and their readers informed of what you have to say is a great way to ensure you stay relevant and build your voice in your industry. 


The media has certain expectations of how a news story is presented – my PR background ensures your story has maximum impact.

Scripts and storyboards

Knowing how to say the right things at the right time can matter. 

With today's animated ads, product videos and social content, it can be a challenge to ensure your key messages and points aren't lost. There's an art to writing, and a real skill in doing so in as few words as possible.

LinkedIn & social content

Saying a lot when you don't have the space to say it all can be more of a challenge than an unlimited word count. This is where my content writing services can really add value to your marketing communications. 

Can you help me with expressing what I need to say?


Of course! That's where my marketing background really helps - I can help you with understanding or identifying your key messages and how to communicate them clearly and concisely. We can work together to not only figure out what to say, but when, where and how to say it too – take a look at the marketing services that I offer. Of course, having a clear brief is great, but not everyone has that – I can help in either scenario. 


Are you just a B2B writer?


Not at all! I'm a B2B writer, a B2C writer and a B2B2C writer! While many B2B content writers niche down into that specialism, I find that the diverse range of audiences I write for helps my clients to stay away from that bland, corporate-jargon speak that can easily alienate your readers. It's more than possible to convey complex ideas in a way that inspires and engages people, rather than the me-too: 'leverages best practices for optimal outcomes with complete solution functionality' -type speak that some organisations seem wedded to. B2B content writers don't have to be dull! I'm also a B2B SaaS content writer with a number of clients in this niche.

Over the last decade, I've also written a lot of consumer-focused content; particularly in health, wellness and beauty. I offer expert skincare writing, beauty copywriting and I'm a beauty technology writer too. You can learn more about my areas of expertise here

Are you just a UK content writer?

Absolutely not! While I'm one of the more experienced content writers in the UK, my clients come from all over the world. For content writers, UK and Amercian English may feel the same, but there are frequently significant differences that influence everything from sentence structure to intonation. I work with many international clients who are looking for local support or content localisation services. I also write for many clients with a global or predominantly US customer base. 

How do you price your professional content writing services?


Of course, I'm not the cheapest content writer out there, but equally, some freelance content writers charge considerably more than I do. My clients choose to work with me, not only because of the high quality of my content writing services, but because I bring added value through my wider marketing experience. I'm probably more affordable than you think. Not only that, but I'm pretty nice to work with too (at least, that's what my clients tell me).  


I work in a way that works for my clients – some retain me on a day rate, as a part-time content writer; others utilise me as a flexible freelance writing service that is there when they need me. I can invoice by the hour or on a day rate, by project or per word – whatever suits you best.

Are you an SEO content writer?


SEO writing is one of those things that people look at differently. If you're asking whether I write the kind of content that is stuffed full of keywords so it detracts from the quality of the content itself, then the answer is no. If you're after high-quality, keyword-optimised content, then the answer is yes.

I have a client that runs a very successful SEO agency, who turns to me to write content for his clients when their SEO requires the type of quality content writing services that you're simply not going to get from a content mill or AI writing tool. 

Google will always prefer content that is knowledgeable, informs customers, is well written and has excellent grammar and spelling. Search engines love high quality content that engages readers. That's the kind of SEO writing I do, where keywords and phrases flow effortlessly into the copy and are carefully chosen for maximum impact, following current industry best practices. I also offer website content writing services for businesses of any size.

Do you offer design services?

I'm not a graphic designer. Most of my copywriting work is submitted using a word processing document,  such as Google Docs or Word. If you do need more, get in touch and let's talk – I have a great network of excellent graphic designers, web design teams, SEO experts, social media managers and influencer marketing experts that I regularly work with and can introduce you to, at no extra charge. Of course, as a former marketing manager, I understand the basics of design and can help with briefing and project requirements and my network means that I can help you create a marketing dream team if you need it. 

If you need written content supplied with sourced images and tags and the content uploaded into a content management system, I can do this, but charge an additional fee for this service.

Do you use AI or content mills for your content writing services? 

No! I write all my content myself. AI content might be a useful solution for some businesses, but at the moment, the quality is in no way comparable to even the quality of content from content mills where the majority of writers are non-native speakers. It would take more time to edit AI-generated content, or content written through a content mill to an acceptable standard than it takes me to write something of the high quality that I want my work to be.


In the same way that search engines take a dim view of SEO optimisation practices such as keyword stuffing, they are taking steps to actively block AI-generated content. AI uses repetition in its terms, tone and sentence structure that search engines (and readers) can recognise. Usually, basic topical information is scraped from Wikipedia, which means that factual inaccuracy is common and misinformation can be repeated. It's a false economy for most businesses to consider AI. I work hard to develop a unique tone of voice, brand identity and personality through my writing for my clients. 

What don't you write?


I don't love writing social media ad copy (there are better people than me at it), although I've certainly written plenty in my time. Otherwise, there are a few topics I don't really cover (read more about those here, or get in touch and I'll tell you honestly if it's really not for me – I might even be able to recommend you someone who can help).

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