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Freelance content manager & editorial services

It often begins with content writing...

Do I need a freelance content manager? 

Often, my copywriting jobs can become content management jobs. Which I love! 

A single story can be powerful, but a range of stories and a wealth of media gives my clients endless opportunities.


  • We've written a press release? Let's turn it into a case study.

  • We've written a website article? Let's make some social posts from it.

  • We've come up with a blog post. Let's put it in a newsletter. 

  • We've written a B2B story. How can we make it consumer-friendly?

  • How do we align our business objectives with content?
  • How can we leverage hot topics or current events?

  • How can we use content marketing to boost revenues?

  • How can we utilise foreign language content we have? 

  • What do our customers care about that we can convert into stories?

  • We've got lots of ideas, but how can we maximise them?

  • How can we ensure brand consistency in what we say?

  • Who can manage the multiple freelance content writers we have? (And edit and approve their content?)

Optimising content so that it serves many purposes is a great way to extract its maximum value. Sometimes, things are happening in the world or in the business that a content marketing strategy can be used to highlight, or occasionally, strategically detract from. Perhaps you have no marketing team in-house, or your content needs are growing, and you don't know where to start. We can develop anything from a simple, quarterly strategy that I (or one of your other freelance copywriters) can deliver against, or a detailed 12-month plan. We'll consider all your channels, and how to get the most from each of them. 

Thanks to my marketing and PR background, I'm able to rapidly get to grips with where you're at and what needs to happen. I can even help out with crisis management strategies, if you need them. 

My content management services are priced hourly, or by retainer, dependent on the channels you need support with, the timeframe, and other variables of your business. Get in touch and we can discuss your needs in more detail. 

I need a part-time content manager – can you help?


Small businesses don't need to spend money they don't have. I can help by offering a fully flexible service, either based on a retainer where you secure a fixed amount of my time, or on more of an ad-hoc freelance content manager basis. Or we can agree on a certain amount of my time supplying my freelance copywriting services, and some as your freelance content manager. It's up to you. Get in touch and let's see what works best for your needs. 

How does a freelance content marketing consultant fit with the rest of my marketing team? 


All business infrastructures work slightly differently, so no two cases are the same. However, my background means I can easily figure out where the best fit is and how we can make it work. If you're a small business with no dedicated marketing person on board, I can help by taking on your content requirements and even show you how to build a deeper marketing resource, if you need me to. Whether it's temporary additional support, a standalone plan with no execution or a content and strategy solution as part of a wider marketing plan, I can help. 

Need a freelance content manager?

Let's talk. 

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