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Business case study writing services

Case study writing

Anyone can be a case study writer, right?

There are case studies... and then there are case studies. Crafting a case study to truly demonstrate to potential customers the benefits of how your product or service has actively improved someone's life or work isn't always straightforward. A good case study demonstrates how your product or service solved a problem for your customer and gives tangible information on how and what results it has achieved. 

That's where business case study writing services come in. 

I can help you in bringing your case studies to life, either through a simple (yet thorough) briefing, or by interviewing your client to get the story. I can then transform it into a case study that tells your story and brings it to life in a way that engages your prospective customers. 

Case studies provide third-party endorsement, to help you win more customers.

Hearing from others is a powerful form of endorsement for your brand. It gives your prospects the confidence that you're going to be able to solve their challenges. They are also great for highlighting the value-added customer service that your company gives their customers too. 

How do I use case studies in my content marketing programme? 


Case studies are a great tool for SEO and they can enable you to rank in SEO for search terms outside the ones used on your main website. They make great website content and social media marketing tools; they go far beyond being a standalone sales tool. 

If you're not sure where your blog content fits in your marketing mix, my content marketing services can help you make sense of things and deliver a strategic content marketing plan that gets results. 

Are you a B2B case study writer?   

It's certainly true that the majority of case studies are B2B, but they are a popular tool in B2B2C and B2C marketing too. I write high-quality case studies for all of these audiences. 

Do you offer different business case study writing services? 

Yes, of course. You can hire me to write a single case study, or you can get in touch and enquire about hiring me to be your case study writer for a number of projects. 

Do you offer other content writing services too?

Absolutely! Find out more about the types of freelance and part-time content writing services I offer to clients here in the UK and internationally by taking a look at my content writing services​ page. I also offer content management services and I'm also a wider freelance marketing services provider too. 

Looking for a case study writer? 
Let's talk. 

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